There are three main subjects in my PhD research:

1 – augmented reality (AR)

2 – multimodal feedback and interaction

3 – embodiment in games

AR systems augment the real world with virtual elements. Although AR research has been ongoing for decades now and amazing technological advances have been made, the perceptual effects of the mixing of real and virtual are not well understood. Furthermore, many systems only combine real and virtual visuals, and sometimes add virtual audio. In many applications such as games however, interaction is often done through motion and haptics.

Zooming in on games, a phenomenon that can occur during game play is that the player forms a certain relationship with the virtual avatar. This relationship is described in many ways in the literature, and one such description involves embodiment: the avatar becomes an extension of the player’s body schema due to the perceptual extension to the game world.

Altogether, I want to understand whether this player-avatar relation has a basis in embodiment theory, and what possible causes and consequences are. We do this in multimodal AR environments where we examine novel forms of feedback and interaction.